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Back to School 2017: ABC Post Office

November 06, 2017

Post-recess week blues? Fret not! Back to School 2017 is back with a punch this semester to motivate you on your journey towards finals!! Since World Postage Day was around the corner, we thought why not we have our very own and so, presenting to you the Grand Opening of ABC Post Office!!! In this event, students were able to jot down their well-wishes for their fellow hall friends on the postcards and have it delivered by ABC for free!! Nothing beats receiving heartfelt messages from the ones whom matter right? We thought it would be extra meaningful and encouraging to receive postcards from your close ones in such an arduous period of the semester!! <333 Check out our very own post office, handcrafted by both...

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NBS T-shirt Sales Day 2017

October 06, 2017

NBS T-shirt is not only comfy, but also convenient! No idea what to wear to class? There is no need to waste your brain cells on dressing up, save it up for school, NBS shirt will do! :DDDDD Theme of NBS T-shirt Sales Day 2017: Hawaii/Lepak   Here's a photo of the pre-event when our main-committee and sub-committee are setting up for the fun-filled event. It may look like just sticking papers, but trust me, we took a long time to put that up due to our OCD. A for effort!   One of our sub-committee member. She looks very excited for the event to start, doesn't she? :) Yay to the start of event! Look at this insane queue....

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