November 06, 2017

Back to School 2017: ABC Post Office

Post-recess week blues? Fret not! Back to School 2017 is back with a punch this semester to motivate you on your journey towards finals!!

Since World Postage Day was around the corner, we thought why not we have our very own and so, presenting to you the Grand Opening of ABC Post Office!!!

In this event, students were able to jot down their well-wishes for their fellow hall friends on the postcards and have it delivered by ABC for free!!

Nothing beats receiving heartfelt messages from the ones whom matter right? We thought it would be extra meaningful and encouraging to receive postcards from your close ones in such an arduous period of the semester!! <333

Check out our very own post office, handcrafted by both the whole ABC team:

Look at them writing with much thought for their fellow friends! We even gave out complimentary NBS laptop stickers to be included in their letters!!

And look… another group of students writing chirpily! Their bashful smiles definitely showed that they could not wait for their friends to receive these postcards :-)

Even our previous President, Juden, came down to support our event!!

The actual fun begins after the writing of postcards! *drumrolls please*
Instead of the usual postage stamps, we thought it had be even exciting to incorporate wax sealing. It does gives off an ancient yet beautiful touch to the letters doesn’t it? :-P To make it more personal, students were given first-hand experience to seal it themselves. Not to worry, we exercised with caution under the supervision of the committee members!!
Even our own committee members participated in this event
And it was definitely a must to take a photo at this gorgeously done up photo booth or should I say, post office? ☼ Poor photographer waiting for them to get ready HAHA
Finally! Your friends will soon receive your handwritten messages :-)
And if you were thinking that our mailbox is fake, nope! Students could actually slot their postcards in hehe
Look at these beautiful ladies smiling so heartily at our post office ☼
Spread the love by writing to more than just one friend!!
More pretty babes taking photos at our post office!
Awwww, look at her charming smile whilst posting her card! We cannot wait for your friend to receive the card as much as you do :-)
We also took the opportunity to present the NBS Limited Edition Shirt Prize to one of our NBS T-Shirt Sales 2017 winner! Remember to keep a lookout during our events if you wish to win attractive prizes like him!!
And... the event was a success! Look at the amount of cards written by our fellow NBS students. In fact, there are actually more stored in the blue mailbox! (P.S. the cards look absolutely artistic! 1 point to all participants for their creativity.)

Of course, how can we forget to thank all the committee members of ABC who helped out during this event! Sadly, we were unable to snap a photo altogether but we hope this suffice :P

 Mostly, thank you to all NBS students who came down to participate in this simple yet heart-warming event. Pretty sure your friends are already beaming at the sight of your messages <3 

With that, ABC Post Office is now temporarily closed for operations!!!!!!

 Keep a lookout for our next event as we bring even more fun and delight to you <3

Signing off, Amberlyn
October 06, 2017

NBS T-shirt Sales Day 2017

NBS T-shirt is not only comfy, but also convenient! No idea what to wear to class? There is no need to waste your brain cells on dressing up, save it up for school, NBS shirt will do! :DDDDD

Theme of NBS T-shirt Sales Day 2017: Hawaii/Lepak


Here's a photo of the pre-event when our main-committee and sub-committee are setting up for the fun-filled event. It may look like just sticking papers, but trust me, we took a long time to put that up due to our OCD. A for effort!


One of our sub-committee member. She looks very excited for the event to start, doesn't she? :)

Yay to the start of event! Look at this insane queue. NBS students just NEED this shirt.


Well, and then we see, not only NBS students, even foreign students want our awesome shirt!! 


This is our emcee for the event, introducing Pin Jia! He can do some insane beat-boxing. Come join us at the next event and see him in the making :D


Wow! Can you believe this? The students are happy and enjoying themselves even when they are queuing. I've never seen people in a long queue so happy before. 


Oh... I think I know why they look so happy... That is because they are playing the game called "Face-the-Chip". So long as its not facing the book, all is good right? Lepak-ah Lepak-pak!


Our check-point! You need to get through our bouncer Brian in order to get the NBS shirt...


And here is the collection point! Look at that bright smile when he received the NBS shirt. But bro, you think award ceremony is it? HAHAH


Now, let's focus on the booth managers. After queuing for so long and passing throught the "bouncer" at the check-point, your smiles are like that of an angel's!


Here's the human cashier smiling as she collects money. But yea, that's me XD


Ohmy! FREE LIMITED EDITION NBS SHIRT!!! Who doesn't want it?


That's right. To win it, you need to take a photo at our booth XD


ABC loves NBS. I mean, all our students love NBS :)))


Okay. So you actually need to be creative with your pose and caption in order to win the Free Limited Edition shirt. Thanks for trying guys!! XD


But who says you can only take photo at the photo booth? Take anywhere you like as long as you are happy. Lepak-ah Lepak-pak! Okay I got to stop asking people to lepak.


More students playing the game as the queue goes on.


Of course.. there's a prize given for playing the game. A goodie bag! YAYYYYY


Finally, it's lunch time!! :D And our second emcee takes over the mic for some laughs HAHAHAHAHA


And here is our cute substitute photographer during lunch! But then who is the one who took her photo? Hmm... *smirks*


Just a normal NBS shirt and you're so happy. I can't imagine how bright your smile was when you won the Free Limited Edition shirt!! 


The queue finally slowed down after a hectic morning. Thank you guys for the milk tea :D


Finally, the event ended. Thank you our 2 co-chairs for putting so much effort into this event!! :D


Last but not least, thank you to all the main-committee, sub-committee and executive committee members for planning, preparing, setting, executing and cleaning up. All of you not only made this event a successful one, but also an enjoyable one! :)
(Not everyone is in the photo due to the rotation of shifts)


Hope you enjoyed this blog & stay tuned for the next event! :D


Blog done by: Pei Yi 

November 08, 2016

BTS 1: Train to Finals

School’s back! With NBS students rushing back to class after a refreshing recess week, ABC was ready to welcome everybody back to school with our bi-annual Back-to-School (BTS) event.

This year, we had a thrilling Train to Finals theme, combining the popular Train to Busan movie with our greatest nightmares… Finals!


Who’s that in the shadows?

The decorations at FAL were definitely eerie, with bloodied handprints and decapitated shadows lined up against the walls.

There decorations were not just kept within FAL, with handprints adorning the staircase leading up the S4-B1, did that catch your eyes too?



All aboard the train to finals, boarding begins at FAL Station


True to our theme, ABC went down the FAL distributing “train tickets” with inspirational messages at the back.

These tickets could then be used to redeem food and drink items such as Milo, Fruit Plus, Dissolving Mint Paper (Tip: Fresh breath keeps the zombies away) and many more!

These items served to rejuvenate our tired students and keep their energy levels up for the heavy studying session ahead! 


The tickets themselves were beautiful and many of us kept it as bookmarks and page markers. We hope that you like them as much as we did!

The road to GPA 5 is tough, but surely with a little help from ABC and food supplies everyone will make it! 

Our team also dressed up as train conductors, walking up and down the cabins to ensure everyone was properly fed and ready to conquer the upcoming term!


Our ever-ready train conductors here to make your journey a pleasant one!

Armed with milo tins, Nescafé, biscuits and sweets, nobody wanted the train to Finals to ever reach its destination! Some of our most popular items were the chocolates that reminded us of our childhood, and the coffee, to stay awake throughout the night! 

Even though this was a highly publicized event, preparation for the event was hard work. The props were placed all over FAL including the window panes on the outside, to capture the eyes of curious onlookers.

The props also extended down the S4-B2 stairs. Thank you everyone who worked hard to make this event possible!

ABC here to take over!

We hope all our students enjoyed BTS and feel ready to conquer the school term with vigour! Welcome Back to School and we hope to see you at our next ABC event!

November 08, 2016

NBS T-Shirt Sales

Life in NBS for every student is incomplete without an iconic NBS varsity t-shirt.

It’s soft, comfortable material and beautiful varsity stamp makes the shirt the ultimate option for those simply looking for a relaxed, go-to shirt or those who enjoy the envious glances of other NTU students.


NBS T-shirts is one of the most important events of any NBS students’ life!


Even though the official t-shirt sales started at 11am, true to the Singapore spirit, students were starting to queue as early as 10am.

Excited NBS students queueing for their shirts at 10am! 
Early bird beats the queue!

The team gave away 600 goodie bag packs to students and staff, and some of us even dressed as mascots to provide in-queue entertainment to our NBS schoolmates.

Our goodie bags being handed out by our friendly mascot!


Both the subcommittee and main comm members worked hard every step of the way to ensure that the queue ran smoothly. One team went down the line to let our eager students try on sample t-shirts to find the right size.

In-queue entertainment!


At 10.45am, our queue master began issuing the queue chips. Students in the queue were excited and pumped up, ready to purchase their varsity shirts!
Who are we? NBS Students! What do we want? Trendy clothes!
Our pretty mascots showing off their bright smiles!

At peak hours, the queue reached all the way up to coffee bean! Thank you NBS students for being so patient and understanding when waiting in line!


We should rest for a while…. Still a long way to go!


As more students packed into the queue, our ABC members were hard at work, packing t-shirts, scanning matric cards and giving out queue chips.
Stock levels kept constant with our super-efficient team!
Our varsity t-shirts were sold in maroon and navy blue. Which one do you prefer?


With the Grab & Go system, students filed in and out of the queue quickly. It also allowed them to pick out the sizes they wanted (some people took one XS, one XL…)! The efficient sales left everyone happy with their new grabs!

For our Instagram contest, we had the hashtag #NeverBuySureSad (NBS Shirt.. get it? :D)

Participants had to post a picture of themselves with their NBS shirts and stood a chance to win our very beautiful and exclusive limited edition NBS t-shirt!
Spot the animal!
Lets take a picture and stand a chance to win the Limited Edition shirt!


This year’s sales reached nearly 2000 shirts. We’re excited to see all of you in your new shirts on campus!


Nourishment for our hardworking team..

The event ended at 4pm and all our hardworking committee members were proud of a job well done and a successful event!


How many shirts do we want?


ABC would like to thank all NBS students and staff for their immense support in our merchandise sales! Your patience and understanding was really appreciated :’)



See you all at our next ABC event!!! :)

January 27, 2016

NBS Day 2016

The many events in NBS are as spectacular as the next one, but nothing ever comes close to the grandeur and scale of NBS Day.

NBS Day is the flagship event of NTU Accountancy & Business club. It is also a large-scale carnival-like event that reaches out to the entire NBS population. This year, our theme is Past VS Future, and the event was split up over 2 days.

On the first day we had our Limited Edition T-shirt sales. If you remember from Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway 1, students voted for their choice of the limited edition T-shirt colour. Now, the chosen colour is finally revealed!

Say hi to Forest green & gold!

It was such a busy morning but thankfully we had some help from another time and galaxy…

Our visitors from the pre-historic era….

… And friends from the future!

Thank goodness we had help from our friendly visitors because the limited edition T-shirt sales queue was so long it was simply out of this world!

Oops! Looks like our dinosaurs left some foot prints behind!

The long queueing was all worth it because everyone managed to buy their limited edition T-shirts, as well as grab free photo print outs from our green screen photo booth. Yes, you heard us right. We brought in a green screen to NBS!

Doesn’t get more futuristic than that!

What’s on that green screen you may ask?

Well more dinosaurs of course! Our NBS students obviously aren’t afraid! There were 3 digital backgrounds to choose from, and students went a little crazy taking photos. The queue got so long that we almost couldn’t finish printing all those photos!

Students later got a sneak peek of what was going to happen on the second day of NBS Day 2016. Are you curious?

Don’t be too scared by the NERF guns! Our visitors from the future are actually very friendly, and often posed for pictures too! Our students walked around wearing a banner promoting Day 2 of NBS Day. Can you see what we have up our sleeves?

At 5pm, we closed shop and ended the sales. Day 1 may have ended there, but the festivities for NBS Day sure did not, because…


Oh nothing could top Day 2 of NBS Day. We’ll show you why.

We had Daytona…

… And a claw machine…

AND a basketball machine. Did you think that was it?

There’s more!

Is that all?


We got many envious on-lookers from other faculties. No surprise there because when do you get to have an arcade in NTU?!

We also had a main stage area, with a famous emcee (you’ll see who later!), an awesome band gig and funny stage activities.

First up, we had an amazing performance by our very own NTU born and bred Sabby and The Cats. They were so amazing on stage that they garnered quite a crowd! What amazing talents!

We also invited local magician Cassidy Lee down to entertain students with his eye-opening magic tricks.

Look at that floating table! Our eyes were completely glued to the stage the entire time.

Another reason why everyone could not peel their eyes off the stage was because of one very special guy…

Our emcee of the day, Noah Yap! He brought his own brand of funny to NBS Day and amused the crowd with silly antics and jokes.

It was so hard to keep a straight face with him around! Thanks for all the tears, Noah!

Finally, the highlight of the stage activities: stage games! Cue all the silly photos!

First up, students paired up and competed to see who could catch the most number of gummy bears with their mouths. The pair with the least number of gummy bears would be eliminated. Such a tense fight!

Looks like someone succeeded! :P

Round 2: one person would have to feed his/ her partner a Pocky stick without breaking it… while swinging a hula hoop!

Must have been a really frightening experience!

Next up, participants’ facial muscles were put to the test! They had to slide an oreo off their own foreheads into their mouths without using any limbs. Just facial movements!

Sounded really easy but I guess not!

Oh no! The Oreo is falling off! Hurry save it!

In the final round, we were down to 2 pairs. You might be wondering now, what the Grand Prize must be, for our students to subject themselves to such silly games.

The Grand Prize is no other than a GoPro proudly sponsored by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales!

No wonder our students were fighting so hard in the games!

In the final round, we were left with 2 pairs vying for the Grand Prize. We weren’t going to make it easy for them. Hence… Spicy Noodle Challenge!

You might have heard of this game from YouTube, where many brave souls have tried to stomach the crazily spicy cup noodles that originated from Korea. Can our students do it?

Braving the pain and burn for a Gopro by ICAEW! Can he do it?

Yes they made it! Congratulations to Yang Zhi and Zhe Kai for walking away with the GoPros. The silly games and tough fight paid off after all! Special thanks to Wei Luo from ICAEW for coming down to present the prizes to our winners. Look at their smiles!

The winners also walked away with a free membership subscription for ICAEW’s ACA programme during their duration of study. Ka Ching! What functional and educational gifts!

No sadness for the other participants because everyone else walked away with vouchers and bags sponsored by Bratpack SG!

Goody bags from Bratpack SG!

No loss right there because they also won attractive prizes!

New bags for the new semester!

Looks like it was all worth it!

While this was all happening, students down stage got to enjoy various activities at our many booths.

We invited local artists Syamil, LJ and Mei Ting down to personalise tote bags for NBS students. The tote bags were limited, and were quickly snapped up!

Students could choose from water paints and customised stamps. Not only did they get free bags, watching the artists work their magic was truly the real treat!

Afterwards, they could hop over to the next booth to have modern hand-crafted henna art. There was a long queue for this one- not just because the artists were so pretty!

We also gave away NBS tattoos at our very own NBS booth!

Our iconic NBS varsity logo as seen on all our NBS shirts… we can finally have on our skin! Talk about school pride.

Best of all, students could also learn more about what their future holds, from our many different corporate partners for NBS Day.

They could take a sneak peak into the finance and accounting world with the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants.

Students could also explore internship opportunities with Affluent Partnership

… Then shop for new bags with Bratpack SG!

NBS students could also try cake samples from Cat and The Fiddle, and find out how to deliver their items/ earn quick money with Couurier. What an eventful day!

Last but not least, they could learn more about the prestigious qualifications they could get with Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Such an educational and fun day for NBS!

Thank you to all our corporate partners for such an eventful day! Hope you all had fun interacting with students and watching the activities on stage.

We hope you all had as much fun as we did! It was nice seeing everyone crowd around to join in the festivities and enjoy NBS Day, after months of tedious planning. Spot our gorgeous helium NBS balloons! It was free for all to take and bring around and was quickly snapped up by students!

Till next year, NBS Day!


January 16, 2016

ABC Alumni Forum 2016

The NTU Accountancy & Business Club organises many events for the student population every academic year, aiming to enrich the lives of many.

Once a year we take a quick time-out to reflect on what we have achieved in the past semester, and to re-strategise for the upcoming semester.

At the annual Alumni Forum, current club directors and executive committee members gather with previous generations of ABC members for a relaxing night of food, drinks and networking.

This year, we had our Alumni Forum at On The Table café, where attendees had free-flow honey wings, sandwiches and beer for the night.


We started off the night with an opening address by our club’s current President, Keller Goh, who shared about the club’s achievements in the previous academic year and goals for the upcoming one. What a year we have had! From having the honour of collaborating with various corporate partners, to hosting a long list of successful events. That was indeed something to look back on.

Our emcee for the night later also facilitated us in interactive games for all attendees to get to know one another better. Hilarity ensues!

We played a couple of games afterwards to break the ice and get everyone talking. Favourite game of the night: Guess The Song! One player had to listen to a song and act out the lyrics for the rest of the table to guess. Looks like this table won!

The highlight of the night, apart from the amazing food, was definitely the networking session. Current club members interacted with previous generations of members and gained valuable insights on the corporate world.

Our previous generations of ABC members are mostly working adults, with years of corporate experience under their belt. They come from various industries, from FMCG companies to audit firms and were excited to share their experiences with everyone. It was indeed eye-opening to hear their opinions and advice for both ABC, and working life. Many of us walked away feeling better informed on which career path to take once we leave NBS in a couple of years!

A selfie to remember the night!

As much as we are dedicated to bettering the lives of fellow faculty members here at ABC, it was refreshing having a night dedicated to our own self-improvement and learning. Thanks to Rachael and Qi Yong for the wonderful night! We are now recharged and inspired to work harder!

Finally, we ended off the night with a toast. To better events and a better ABC!

Yum seng!!

Thank you all, for being a part of an educational and inspiring Alumni Forum. See you next year!

January 04, 2016

Inter-School Games 15/16

What are some ways to celebrate winter break?

We could holiday, or we could spend time with friends. Over here at NTU, we like to work out a sweat. NBS collaborated with the other faculties in NTU over the winter break to present, Inter-School Games!

There were 16 games for the 15 faculties in NTU to battle it out in the name of sports. Who would emerge as the sportiest faculty in NTU? Did you know that Team NBS emerged as the Champion faculty last year! Could we do it again? Let’s see!

We started ISG season off with a bang, at Touch Rugby.

Intense fight that was!

NBS started off strong and came in 1st Runner Up in our very first game! We battled strong opponents from School of Biological Sciences, Computer and Electronical Engineering and Humanities and Social Sciences, but still finished strong. What a great start to the season!

We carried on unparalleled by coming in 1st Runner Up again in Race Relay in the next game.

Look at that determination!

Good job again NBS! Could we keep up the spirit and win our other games?

Yes we can! Guess what, because we came in 2nd Runner Up for Tchoukball! Our players displayed tenacity despite the strong opponents and walked away with heads held high.

Can we be stopped?! We are in second place among all the faculties right now with 20 points… could we fight to come in tops again? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Afterwards, team NBS also dominated the Badminton courts with our powerful swings and wrist action. Don’t mess with us!

Our tennis team also did us proud by playing with love and sportsmanship. Guess that paid off because we came in 1st runner up yet again! Good job NBS!

Looking so cool, NBS!

Next up, the attention is on the ladies as they aim for gold in Netball.

The slight rain may have dampened our clothes but definitely not our spirits! Our girls went all out. Go hard or go home right?

The ladies put up a great fight and came in 2nd runner up! Who are you calling girly now?

Let’s not forget our swim team over at the pool area. They also made a real splash in the Swimming games by putting up a strong fight under water. Look at us go!
Guess what: our winning streak is not ending any time soon. We won more medals again by coming in 1st runner up again in Ultimate Frisbee!
Once again, the rain did nothing to stop us! We’re going strong, NBS!

Our Captain’s ball team also balled really hard and kicked up a storm with their powers.

Guess we have our eggs in all the many sports baskets! Such diverse sporting talents amongst us indeed.

Next up, our floorball team led the pack and brought us glory by coming in 1st runner up! Good job team!

Friendly hand shake after the games! The importance of sportsmanship does not elude us.

Look at us go at Table Tennis! With such a fighting spirit, it’s no wonder we are taking home so many medals!

Our NBS players were also relentless at Futsal, giving it their all. Our girls even came in 2nd runner up! Looks like we are going strong!

Look at us go!

Volleyball was also a great game for us! It was an intense match, complete with a lot of nail-biting. We may not have come in first, but we put up a strong fight and that is just as important!

Of course, basketball was phenomenal for us, with both our girls and guys coming in FIRST. We can see why! Critical strategizing and quality training, that’s why!

Everyone is an MVP when you’re on Team NBS!

NTU ISG brought in a new sport this year: squash! We scouted new talents and blazed our way through the games with our new Squash team. It was no easy feat but we did it!

Finally, the end of ISG season! Phew!

Finally the moment we have been waiting for! Looking back on the games and the medal tally, we really did a great job securing all the medals and wins. It was more extraordinary, that we put up such a strong fight and never gave up along the way. Through the wins and losses, we are proud to announce that NBS is 1ST RUNNER UP in the NTU Inter-School games 2015/6!!!

Thank you Isabel and Hui Min, for giving up your holidays to be with our athletes every step of the way! All the trainings have paid off, and we are once again, a presence in the sporting area not to be trifled with. Go NBS!

Here’s the final medal tally: 3 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze! Whoo hoo!

Thank you all for the hard work and effort! We have emerged victorious in many ways, and next year will be even better. We couldn’t have done it without all the encouragement from every single one of you. Thanks for keeping fit with us at NTU, and see you after the holidays!

December 05, 2015

NBS Dodgeball Day 2015

The examinations are finally over!

Every semester, NBS kick-starts the start of a wonderful break with our only event off campus- aptly named the External Event (EE). External events have been, for the past years, been dragon boat races. This time round, we have decided to break EE tradition and debut our very first Dodgeball Day!

We hosted our very first dodgeball match at the Amped Trampoline Park, and received a great turn-out from students who wanted to celebrate the start of their winter break with us at ABC, by keeping fit.

Of course, safety is key! The friendly instructors at Amped briefed our students on the safety rules and regulations. With that, we are ready to ball!

Our students kept their eye on the grand prize (a hamper!) and fought real hard to stay in the game. Turns out that our NBS students are super athletic too! The dodgeball match tested everyone’s stamina, fitness, accuracy and strength- most fun workout ever!

Ready, set, GO!


The rules of the game are simple: stand back, wait for the whistle, grab the ball, and attack! Every match was as tense as the one before, and spectators were glued to the match, cheering friends on. It seems relatively simple, but wow was it difficult to play ball on a bouncy ground! Balancing on a soft trampoline ground was no easy task!

Look at how fit our NBS “models” look like! No wonder spectators couldn’t keep their eyes off the game! :P


Despite the stiff competition, students displayed exemplary sportsmanship, keeping by the rules of the game, and respecting their opponents.

There were 3 games in total, and 3 lucky teams walked away with our grand prizes. After many rounds of matches, the winners were revealed!

Congratulations to our 3 winners: Vortex OneDown, Hyugaball and Bowl! After such a gruelling match, it is no wonder every one is all smiles with that attractive hamper! We all also got free anti-slip socks from Amped. Can you spot them?


After the games, students also had a free and easy time at the trampoline park. They could dive into the sponge ball pit, and have free jumps around the venue. Bouncing around was so cathartic I think we just found a new way to de-stress!

With that, we jump-started (pun intended) our 6 weeks of winter break surrounded by close pals. Thank you, NBS, for making our very first dodgeball day so eventful and fun! We had wanted to inject novelty by breaking EE tradition for a one-off event, but seeing how successful Dodgeball Day was, I think we might have created a new NBS tradition!

See you in January 2016, folks!


October 21, 2015

Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway 2015/16 Semester 1

While all our events are very thoughtfully and meticulously planned, there is simply nothing quite like the biannual Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway (EWPG). That’s right! Our beloved EWPG is back!

Every semester before the (terrifying) final exams, NTU Accountancy & Business Club organises a huge buffet line of freebies graciously and generously sponsored by our corporate partners. This year, the buffet line-up is impressive as ever!

This time round, our theme is “Superheroes”. Who are the superheroes, you may ask? Why, our NBS students of course! Each and every one of our students can be superheroes, with the mental strength, power and intellect to fight the battle against the bell curve.

Kudos to our Marketing team for this gorgeous poster! Can you guess the character?

The event was a roaring success… you’ll see why later! But first, we would like to thank our generous corporate allies who joined forces with us, without whom, none of this would have been possible.


If we liken EWPG to the Christmas of NBS, these are our Santa Clauses! This is just the tip of the iceberg; we had a ton of other freebies to give away as well! Thank you to all our sponsors!

Of course, our Superhero theme would not be as cool…. If we didn’t have real superheroes! NTU ABC proudly presents…..

Captain America!...… And um… Captain AmeriGirl…?

Together with the Captain Americas, our NTU ABC heroes assembled at our headquarters and started the day early, preparing for the Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway at the speed of light!

Our Marketing Director, Jaslin being camera-ready while arranging the goodies for the buffet line-up later. Multi-tasking is a great super power to have! 

Spot our superhero carrying out boxes of ammo. She probably has bionic vision here….

Our event started at 11am sharp, but a snaking queue had already formed before 11!

Our mascots were super cute, hamming it up for the camera with students, and making the queue for the goodie bags more fun. Did you manage to grab a photo with them? I sure did!

S.H.I.E.L.D – ing from the heat!

We gave out the freebies in a buffet line: students would collect the empty bags, and walk down the lines to collect the items to fill up their bags. The bags overflowed with goodies, but no one’s complaining!

Our long list of items include: tote bags by iGave and foolscap pads sponsored by ISCA (Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants) as well as the NTU Student Union. Very practical gifts which our students snapped up real quick!

Down the line, we also had Sports Towels by the Central Narcotics Bureau (in case you need to run to de-stress!), cute notebooks by National Youth Council, as well as bottled water and tissue packets by Focus Adventure.

Nestle provided canned lattes for us to burn the midnight oil, Institute of Mental Health provided post-its, and the Ministry of Social & Family Development provided pens!

HomeSoy sent us healthy soy bean drinks, and Quaker gave our students a box of 8 low fat chocolate granola bars each! Curel took care of the exam stress pimples by giving out sebum care samples, while Lam Soon sent us Bio-Home detergent samples for our hall laundry.

Goh Yeow Seng solved our late night supper cravings with beef instant noodles, while Marigold helped us wash that down with chilled yogurt drinks!

Cleo sent us magazines (with Emma Watson on the cover!!), while Reach Singapore and the Sexual Assault Care Centre provided tissue packets (for when you cry tears of joy over your GPA).

ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales) as well as PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) also funded the event and made our goodie bags even fatter!

Have you levelled-up already?

We still have more XP!

Cornetto ice creams! In 4 flavours, no less! Caramel Shake (the Taylor Swift ice cream, as we’d like to call it), Chocolate, Vanilla and Matcha! Which is your favourite? J

As you can see, our Events Director Kenny’s favourite ice cream flavour is “all”. :P

Our entire goodie bag, will you look at that! Complete with vouchers (for retail therapy!) sponsored by Botak Jones, The Braces Practice, Active Red, Tohtonku, Mad4Bakes, The Escape Hunt, Play Nation, Browhaus and Strip! Now I can’t wait to go shopping after our finals end!

After our student heroes were done collecting their welfare pack ammo, we rewarded them with a cute photo booth with fun superhero props so they could all dress up as their favourite Marvel or DC characters for a day!

Our mascots were quite popular among students as well, with many requesting to pose with them!

Excited for a finance and accountancy career with ICAEW and ISCA! 

Our Marketing Director You Sheng, and Corporate Liaison Director, Hui Ting would like to give special thanks to our Annual Partner, ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales) as well as our Annual Sponsor ISCA (Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants) for their continuous support in every one of our events. Thanks guys! You guys are our superheroes too!

We also had our superhero interns from Kent Ridge Secondary School with us that day to learn more about university life. Hope to see you guys in NBS in a few years!

Hulk and Batman can’t wait to chomp on our Quaker chocolate bars and Nescafe lattes!

Clark Kent and Iron Man joins the battle!

Friendly relations between DC and Marvel…

Batman is all dressed up today!

Spot the odd one out…..


Spiderman swings by! 

Be the Captain of your day with Cornetto ice cream! 

The Focus is on everyone’s favourite superhero!
Bright smiles with Curel and Goh Yeow Seng to defeat any Wednesday blues!
Our international exchange students also came in to join the fun!
May they bring the word of our local brands worldwide!
Spiderman wants to join the Avengers too?
Cute boy with Home Soy!
Captain Batman (what?) wants a day job at PWC too!
Marigold is better than gold.
C for Cleo and A for finals!


All 1200 goodie bags were very quickly snapped up. While we estimated the event to end around 3-4pm, the items were such a hit that they were all gone by 1!


Brave heroes receiving their ammo!

Thank you NBS for your support! Hope you liked all the goodies!

Our student heroes also got to vote for which colour they wanted the limited edition NBS shirt, aka their superhero capes, to be in. There were 4 choices:

Which colour did you vote for?

It was a close fight between 2 of the choices. But we aren’t gonna let you know the results yet! Stay tuned for NBS Dayz, where the limited edition shirts will be up for sale! We are super excited too!

The chair people of this event, Corporate Liaison Director Joel, as well as Events Director Brenda, thank you all for coming down to refuel your tanks. Captain America would also like to remind you all to study hard after the back-up from our corporate allies. Go conquer that paper and save the day!

To see the full list of our corporate allies, come drop by our headquarters and check out this link.

For more photos of the event, and to spot you and your friends, head over to our Facebook page here.

This is NTU Accountancy & Business Club… signing out!


 The Avengers have assembled! …To take a quick break till our next mission. See you next at NBS Dodgeball Day!

Until then… we have to be in plain clothes so no one knows our secret identities. Shhhhh….

October 07, 2015

Back To School 2015

It’s that time of the semester again! NTU Accountancy & Business Club is proud to present Back To School 2015. This time round, we are bigger and better than ever!
This semester’s theme was Fall, which we felt would be very interesting to work with, given that Singapore experiences Summer all year round. Fall is a season of transition, and signifies gratitude. We thought it would be great for students to think about the people around them while enjoying our event. The name of our event was “Fall Back To School”, a pun on the theme we had chosen.

We decorated the S4-B2 walls and FAL with autumn colours: orange, red, yellow and brown. A lot of detail went into this. You’ll see how!

We placed posters at the S4-B2 area as publicity. Ok, usual stuff then, you may think. We are about to prove you wrong!

This time round, we wanted to place more emphasis on the decoration. As they say, “Go Hard or Go Home”. So we made a huge collage of our posters, which occupied almost the entire staircase wall!

Will you look at that! You may also have noticed the colourful curtains. But did you notice that there is a specific colour coordination and sequence? That was how specific we went into the details!

Fun fact: there were 3 layers of curtains! This was to make the curtains pop out and look more “3D”. We got a lot of positive feedback about this, seeing that this might have been the most dramatic publicity effort we have ever had. But wait till you see inside the FAL!

Walking up this flight of stairs up to the FAL, you will first see a kaleidoscopic explosion of colours.

We decorated the two giant pillars in FAL (though you can only see one here!) as well as the chairs. Another fun fact: we only decorated the white chairs so that our colourful streamers would stand out!

Did you notice that the decorated chairs were all placed on the outer corner of the table? This was intentionally done so that all the chairs would form a colourful row and stand out even more!

We decorated the shelf at the back of the FAL with leaves made to look like they were FALLING (get it get it??) as well as filled up the shelves with colourful balloons to add to the “fun” factor. Spot our beautiful falling leaves!

We also placed brown woven baskets of colourful streamers on the window ledges (see if you can spot one!) to intensify the autumn atmosphere. We definitely did not cut any corners with our decoration efforts!


If you thought this was great, you are going to be blown away by what’s coming up next. We made a life-sized autumn tree. Yes! Life-sized!

Every single one of the leaves on the tree were hand-cut by our club members. These leaves were given out to students for them to write a note of encouragement for the upcoming exams or a greeting to friends. Many notes were pretty sweet! We had a whole lot of fun reading them.

And yes, in case you were wondering. That is a “swing”.

Say hi to our camera-friendly NBS students! It was no surprise that many were taken aback by the grandeur of the tree. No actual leaves were harmed in the making of this….

Many photos were taken, as expected! Many international exchange students, especially, took photos of this amazing tree. May the story of our amazing NBS tree travel around the globe to show everyone out there how cool our campus is!

Didn’t NTU win an award for being one of the Top 15 Beautiful Campuses around the world? Maybe we should claim some credit!

Students who participated in this event by writing on the leaves, then pasting them up, got some freebies from us. We gave away Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Yupi Hamburger sweets.

You may think that these are just sweet snacks, but did you wonder why we chose these food items? The colour of these sweets are autumn related!

We also gave away exclusive NBS laptop stickers to approximately 800 NBS students, and boy was it well received. Many students asked us to reserve stickers for them, just in case the stickers ran out!

We decided to make a pun out of “NBS”, and came up with “Now Better Study”, a gentle and humorous reminder to students to work hard for the upcoming exams. And yes, we also did this in autumnal colours.

We reached out to approximately 800 students in NBS, which was more than we expected! Yay! Thank you NBS, for being so supportive! It was a tedious process, given that we put in a lot of effort into the tiny details. Do we regret the late nights and sore fingers?

Most definitely not!

It was very heart-warming seeing everyone ooh and aah at our decorations, and even better, watching students come together to write well-wishes for one another. This makes all the hard work worth it! We hope you enjoyed Back To School: Fall Back To School! See you all at our next event, coming up real soon!