ABC Alumni Forum 2016

The NTU Accountancy & Business Club organises many events for the student population every academic year, aiming to enrich the lives of many.

Once a year we take a quick time-out to reflect on what we have achieved in the past semester, and to re-strategise for the upcoming semester.

At the annual Alumni Forum, current club directors and executive committee members gather with previous generations of ABC members for a relaxing night of food, drinks and networking.

This year, we had our Alumni Forum at On The Table café, where attendees had free-flow honey wings, sandwiches and beer for the night.


We started off the night with an opening address by our club’s current President, Keller Goh, who shared about the club’s achievements in the previous academic year and goals for the upcoming one. What a year we have had! From having the honour of collaborating with various corporate partners, to hosting a long list of successful events. That was indeed something to look back on.

Our emcee for the night later also facilitated us in interactive games for all attendees to get to know one another better. Hilarity ensues!

We played a couple of games afterwards to break the ice and get everyone talking. Favourite game of the night: Guess The Song! One player had to listen to a song and act out the lyrics for the rest of the table to guess. Looks like this table won!

The highlight of the night, apart from the amazing food, was definitely the networking session. Current club members interacted with previous generations of members and gained valuable insights on the corporate world.

Our previous generations of ABC members are mostly working adults, with years of corporate experience under their belt. They come from various industries, from FMCG companies to audit firms and were excited to share their experiences with everyone. It was indeed eye-opening to hear their opinions and advice for both ABC, and working life. Many of us walked away feeling better informed on which career path to take once we leave NBS in a couple of years!

A selfie to remember the night!

As much as we are dedicated to bettering the lives of fellow faculty members here at ABC, it was refreshing having a night dedicated to our own self-improvement and learning. Thanks to Rachael and Qi Yong for the wonderful night! We are now recharged and inspired to work harder!

Finally, we ended off the night with a toast. To better events and a better ABC!

Yum seng!!

Thank you all, for being a part of an educational and inspiring Alumni Forum. See you next year!