Inter-School Games 15/16

What are some ways to celebrate winter break?

We could holiday, or we could spend time with friends. Over here at NTU, we like to work out a sweat. NBS collaborated with the other faculties in NTU over the winter break to present, Inter-School Games!

There were 16 games for the 15 faculties in NTU to battle it out in the name of sports. Who would emerge as the sportiest faculty in NTU? Did you know that Team NBS emerged as the Champion faculty last year! Could we do it again? Let’s see!

We started ISG season off with a bang, at Touch Rugby.

Intense fight that was!

NBS started off strong and came in 1st Runner Up in our very first game! We battled strong opponents from School of Biological Sciences, Computer and Electronical Engineering and Humanities and Social Sciences, but still finished strong. What a great start to the season!

We carried on unparalleled by coming in 1st Runner Up again in Race Relay in the next game.

Look at that determination!

Good job again NBS! Could we keep up the spirit and win our other games?

Yes we can! Guess what, because we came in 2nd Runner Up for Tchoukball! Our players displayed tenacity despite the strong opponents and walked away with heads held high.

Can we be stopped?! We are in second place among all the faculties right now with 20 points… could we fight to come in tops again? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Afterwards, team NBS also dominated the Badminton courts with our powerful swings and wrist action. Don’t mess with us!

Our tennis team also did us proud by playing with love and sportsmanship. Guess that paid off because we came in 1st runner up yet again! Good job NBS!

Looking so cool, NBS!

Next up, the attention is on the ladies as they aim for gold in Netball.

The slight rain may have dampened our clothes but definitely not our spirits! Our girls went all out. Go hard or go home right?

The ladies put up a great fight and came in 2nd runner up! Who are you calling girly now?

Let’s not forget our swim team over at the pool area. They also made a real splash in the Swimming games by putting up a strong fight under water. Look at us go!
Guess what: our winning streak is not ending any time soon. We won more medals again by coming in 1st runner up again in Ultimate Frisbee!
Once again, the rain did nothing to stop us! We’re going strong, NBS!

Our Captain’s ball team also balled really hard and kicked up a storm with their powers.

Guess we have our eggs in all the many sports baskets! Such diverse sporting talents amongst us indeed.

Next up, our floorball team led the pack and brought us glory by coming in 1st runner up! Good job team!

Friendly hand shake after the games! The importance of sportsmanship does not elude us.

Look at us go at Table Tennis! With such a fighting spirit, it’s no wonder we are taking home so many medals!

Our NBS players were also relentless at Futsal, giving it their all. Our girls even came in 2nd runner up! Looks like we are going strong!

Look at us go!

Volleyball was also a great game for us! It was an intense match, complete with a lot of nail-biting. We may not have come in first, but we put up a strong fight and that is just as important!

Of course, basketball was phenomenal for us, with both our girls and guys coming in FIRST. We can see why! Critical strategizing and quality training, that’s why!

Everyone is an MVP when you’re on Team NBS!

NTU ISG brought in a new sport this year: squash! We scouted new talents and blazed our way through the games with our new Squash team. It was no easy feat but we did it!

Finally, the end of ISG season! Phew!

Finally the moment we have been waiting for! Looking back on the games and the medal tally, we really did a great job securing all the medals and wins. It was more extraordinary, that we put up such a strong fight and never gave up along the way. Through the wins and losses, we are proud to announce that NBS is 1ST RUNNER UP in the NTU Inter-School games 2015/6!!!

Thank you Isabel and Hui Min, for giving up your holidays to be with our athletes every step of the way! All the trainings have paid off, and we are once again, a presence in the sporting area not to be trifled with. Go NBS!

Here’s the final medal tally: 3 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze! Whoo hoo!

Thank you all for the hard work and effort! We have emerged victorious in many ways, and next year will be even better. We couldn’t have done it without all the encouragement from every single one of you. Thanks for keeping fit with us at NTU, and see you after the holidays!