NBS Day 2016

The many events in NBS are as spectacular as the next one, but nothing ever comes close to the grandeur and scale of NBS Day.

NBS Day is the flagship event of NTU Accountancy & Business club. It is also a large-scale carnival-like event that reaches out to the entire NBS population. This year, our theme is Past VS Future, and the event was split up over 2 days.

On the first day we had our Limited Edition T-shirt sales. If you remember from Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway 1, students voted for their choice of the limited edition T-shirt colour. Now, the chosen colour is finally revealed!

Say hi to Forest green & gold!

It was such a busy morning but thankfully we had some help from another time and galaxy…

Our visitors from the pre-historic era….

… And friends from the future!

Thank goodness we had help from our friendly visitors because the limited edition T-shirt sales queue was so long it was simply out of this world!

Oops! Looks like our dinosaurs left some foot prints behind!

The long queueing was all worth it because everyone managed to buy their limited edition T-shirts, as well as grab free photo print outs from our green screen photo booth. Yes, you heard us right. We brought in a green screen to NBS!

Doesn’t get more futuristic than that!

What’s on that green screen you may ask?

Well more dinosaurs of course! Our NBS students obviously aren’t afraid! There were 3 digital backgrounds to choose from, and students went a little crazy taking photos. The queue got so long that we almost couldn’t finish printing all those photos!

Students later got a sneak peek of what was going to happen on the second day of NBS Day 2016. Are you curious?

Don’t be too scared by the NERF guns! Our visitors from the future are actually very friendly, and often posed for pictures too! Our students walked around wearing a banner promoting Day 2 of NBS Day. Can you see what we have up our sleeves?

At 5pm, we closed shop and ended the sales. Day 1 may have ended there, but the festivities for NBS Day sure did not, because…


Oh nothing could top Day 2 of NBS Day. We’ll show you why.

We had Daytona…

… And a claw machine…

AND a basketball machine. Did you think that was it?

There’s more!

Is that all?


We got many envious on-lookers from other faculties. No surprise there because when do you get to have an arcade in NTU?!

We also had a main stage area, with a famous emcee (you’ll see who later!), an awesome band gig and funny stage activities.

First up, we had an amazing performance by our very own NTU born and bred Sabby and The Cats. They were so amazing on stage that they garnered quite a crowd! What amazing talents!

We also invited local magician Cassidy Lee down to entertain students with his eye-opening magic tricks.

Look at that floating table! Our eyes were completely glued to the stage the entire time.

Another reason why everyone could not peel their eyes off the stage was because of one very special guy…

Our emcee of the day, Noah Yap! He brought his own brand of funny to NBS Day and amused the crowd with silly antics and jokes.

It was so hard to keep a straight face with him around! Thanks for all the tears, Noah!

Finally, the highlight of the stage activities: stage games! Cue all the silly photos!

First up, students paired up and competed to see who could catch the most number of gummy bears with their mouths. The pair with the least number of gummy bears would be eliminated. Such a tense fight!

Looks like someone succeeded! :P

Round 2: one person would have to feed his/ her partner a Pocky stick without breaking it… while swinging a hula hoop!

Must have been a really frightening experience!

Next up, participants’ facial muscles were put to the test! They had to slide an oreo off their own foreheads into their mouths without using any limbs. Just facial movements!

Sounded really easy but I guess not!

Oh no! The Oreo is falling off! Hurry save it!

In the final round, we were down to 2 pairs. You might be wondering now, what the Grand Prize must be, for our students to subject themselves to such silly games.

The Grand Prize is no other than a GoPro proudly sponsored by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales!

No wonder our students were fighting so hard in the games!

In the final round, we were left with 2 pairs vying for the Grand Prize. We weren’t going to make it easy for them. Hence… Spicy Noodle Challenge!

You might have heard of this game from YouTube, where many brave souls have tried to stomach the crazily spicy cup noodles that originated from Korea. Can our students do it?

Braving the pain and burn for a Gopro by ICAEW! Can he do it?

Yes they made it! Congratulations to Yang Zhi and Zhe Kai for walking away with the GoPros. The silly games and tough fight paid off after all! Special thanks to Wei Luo from ICAEW for coming down to present the prizes to our winners. Look at their smiles!

The winners also walked away with a free membership subscription for ICAEW’s ACA programme during their duration of study. Ka Ching! What functional and educational gifts!

No sadness for the other participants because everyone else walked away with vouchers and bags sponsored by Bratpack SG!

Goody bags from Bratpack SG!

No loss right there because they also won attractive prizes!

New bags for the new semester!

Looks like it was all worth it!

While this was all happening, students down stage got to enjoy various activities at our many booths.

We invited local artists Syamil, LJ and Mei Ting down to personalise tote bags for NBS students. The tote bags were limited, and were quickly snapped up!

Students could choose from water paints and customised stamps. Not only did they get free bags, watching the artists work their magic was truly the real treat!

Afterwards, they could hop over to the next booth to have modern hand-crafted henna art. There was a long queue for this one- not just because the artists were so pretty!

We also gave away NBS tattoos at our very own NBS booth!

Our iconic NBS varsity logo as seen on all our NBS shirts… we can finally have on our skin! Talk about school pride.

Best of all, students could also learn more about what their future holds, from our many different corporate partners for NBS Day.

They could take a sneak peak into the finance and accounting world with the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants.

Students could also explore internship opportunities with Affluent Partnership

… Then shop for new bags with Bratpack SG!

NBS students could also try cake samples from Cat and The Fiddle, and find out how to deliver their items/ earn quick money with Couurier. What an eventful day!

Last but not least, they could learn more about the prestigious qualifications they could get with Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Such an educational and fun day for NBS!

Thank you to all our corporate partners for such an eventful day! Hope you all had fun interacting with students and watching the activities on stage.

We hope you all had as much fun as we did! It was nice seeing everyone crowd around to join in the festivities and enjoy NBS Day, after months of tedious planning. Spot our gorgeous helium NBS balloons! It was free for all to take and bring around and was quickly snapped up by students!

Till next year, NBS Day!