Back To School 2015

It’s that time of the semester again! NTU Accountancy & Business Club is proud to present Back To School 2015. This time round, we are bigger and better than ever!
This semester’s theme was Fall, which we felt would be very interesting to work with, given that Singapore experiences Summer all year round. Fall is a season of transition, and signifies gratitude. We thought it would be great for students to think about the people around them while enjoying our event. The name of our event was “Fall Back To School”, a pun on the theme we had chosen.

We decorated the S4-B2 walls and FAL with autumn colours: orange, red, yellow and brown. A lot of detail went into this. You’ll see how!

We placed posters at the S4-B2 area as publicity. Ok, usual stuff then, you may think. We are about to prove you wrong!

This time round, we wanted to place more emphasis on the decoration. As they say, “Go Hard or Go Home”. So we made a huge collage of our posters, which occupied almost the entire staircase wall!

Will you look at that! You may also have noticed the colourful curtains. But did you notice that there is a specific colour coordination and sequence? That was how specific we went into the details!

Fun fact: there were 3 layers of curtains! This was to make the curtains pop out and look more “3D”. We got a lot of positive feedback about this, seeing that this might have been the most dramatic publicity effort we have ever had. But wait till you see inside the FAL!

Walking up this flight of stairs up to the FAL, you will first see a kaleidoscopic explosion of colours.

We decorated the two giant pillars in FAL (though you can only see one here!) as well as the chairs. Another fun fact: we only decorated the white chairs so that our colourful streamers would stand out!

Did you notice that the decorated chairs were all placed on the outer corner of the table? This was intentionally done so that all the chairs would form a colourful row and stand out even more!

We decorated the shelf at the back of the FAL with leaves made to look like they were FALLING (get it get it??) as well as filled up the shelves with colourful balloons to add to the “fun” factor. Spot our beautiful falling leaves!

We also placed brown woven baskets of colourful streamers on the window ledges (see if you can spot one!) to intensify the autumn atmosphere. We definitely did not cut any corners with our decoration efforts!


If you thought this was great, you are going to be blown away by what’s coming up next. We made a life-sized autumn tree. Yes! Life-sized!

Every single one of the leaves on the tree were hand-cut by our club members. These leaves were given out to students for them to write a note of encouragement for the upcoming exams or a greeting to friends. Many notes were pretty sweet! We had a whole lot of fun reading them.

And yes, in case you were wondering. That is a “swing”.

Say hi to our camera-friendly NBS students! It was no surprise that many were taken aback by the grandeur of the tree. No actual leaves were harmed in the making of this….

Many photos were taken, as expected! Many international exchange students, especially, took photos of this amazing tree. May the story of our amazing NBS tree travel around the globe to show everyone out there how cool our campus is!

Didn’t NTU win an award for being one of the Top 15 Beautiful Campuses around the world? Maybe we should claim some credit!

Students who participated in this event by writing on the leaves, then pasting them up, got some freebies from us. We gave away Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Yupi Hamburger sweets.

You may think that these are just sweet snacks, but did you wonder why we chose these food items? The colour of these sweets are autumn related!

We also gave away exclusive NBS laptop stickers to approximately 800 NBS students, and boy was it well received. Many students asked us to reserve stickers for them, just in case the stickers ran out!

We decided to make a pun out of “NBS”, and came up with “Now Better Study”, a gentle and humorous reminder to students to work hard for the upcoming exams. And yes, we also did this in autumnal colours.

We reached out to approximately 800 students in NBS, which was more than we expected! Yay! Thank you NBS, for being so supportive! It was a tedious process, given that we put in a lot of effort into the tiny details. Do we regret the late nights and sore fingers?

Most definitely not!

It was very heart-warming seeing everyone ooh and aah at our decorations, and even better, watching students come together to write well-wishes for one another. This makes all the hard work worth it! We hope you enjoyed Back To School: Fall Back To School! See you all at our next event, coming up real soon!