Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway 2015/16 Semester 1

While all our events are very thoughtfully and meticulously planned, there is simply nothing quite like the biannual Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway (EWPG). That’s right! Our beloved EWPG is back!

Every semester before the (terrifying) final exams, NTU Accountancy & Business Club organises a huge buffet line of freebies graciously and generously sponsored by our corporate partners. This year, the buffet line-up is impressive as ever!

This time round, our theme is “Superheroes”. Who are the superheroes, you may ask? Why, our NBS students of course! Each and every one of our students can be superheroes, with the mental strength, power and intellect to fight the battle against the bell curve.

Kudos to our Marketing team for this gorgeous poster! Can you guess the character?

The event was a roaring success… you’ll see why later! But first, we would like to thank our generous corporate allies who joined forces with us, without whom, none of this would have been possible.


If we liken EWPG to the Christmas of NBS, these are our Santa Clauses! This is just the tip of the iceberg; we had a ton of other freebies to give away as well! Thank you to all our sponsors!

Of course, our Superhero theme would not be as cool…. If we didn’t have real superheroes! NTU ABC proudly presents…..

Captain America!...… And um… Captain AmeriGirl…?

Together with the Captain Americas, our NTU ABC heroes assembled at our headquarters and started the day early, preparing for the Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway at the speed of light!

Our Marketing Director, Jaslin being camera-ready while arranging the goodies for the buffet line-up later. Multi-tasking is a great super power to have! 

Spot our superhero carrying out boxes of ammo. She probably has bionic vision here….

Our event started at 11am sharp, but a snaking queue had already formed before 11!

Our mascots were super cute, hamming it up for the camera with students, and making the queue for the goodie bags more fun. Did you manage to grab a photo with them? I sure did!

S.H.I.E.L.D – ing from the heat!

We gave out the freebies in a buffet line: students would collect the empty bags, and walk down the lines to collect the items to fill up their bags. The bags overflowed with goodies, but no one’s complaining!

Our long list of items include: tote bags by iGave and foolscap pads sponsored by ISCA (Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants) as well as the NTU Student Union. Very practical gifts which our students snapped up real quick!

Down the line, we also had Sports Towels by the Central Narcotics Bureau (in case you need to run to de-stress!), cute notebooks by National Youth Council, as well as bottled water and tissue packets by Focus Adventure.

Nestle provided canned lattes for us to burn the midnight oil, Institute of Mental Health provided post-its, and the Ministry of Social & Family Development provided pens!

HomeSoy sent us healthy soy bean drinks, and Quaker gave our students a box of 8 low fat chocolate granola bars each! Curel took care of the exam stress pimples by giving out sebum care samples, while Lam Soon sent us Bio-Home detergent samples for our hall laundry.

Goh Yeow Seng solved our late night supper cravings with beef instant noodles, while Marigold helped us wash that down with chilled yogurt drinks!

Cleo sent us magazines (with Emma Watson on the cover!!), while Reach Singapore and the Sexual Assault Care Centre provided tissue packets (for when you cry tears of joy over your GPA).

ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales) as well as PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) also funded the event and made our goodie bags even fatter!

Have you levelled-up already?

We still have more XP!

Cornetto ice creams! In 4 flavours, no less! Caramel Shake (the Taylor Swift ice cream, as we’d like to call it), Chocolate, Vanilla and Matcha! Which is your favourite? J

As you can see, our Events Director Kenny’s favourite ice cream flavour is “all”. :P

Our entire goodie bag, will you look at that! Complete with vouchers (for retail therapy!) sponsored by Botak Jones, The Braces Practice, Active Red, Tohtonku, Mad4Bakes, The Escape Hunt, Play Nation, Browhaus and Strip! Now I can’t wait to go shopping after our finals end!

After our student heroes were done collecting their welfare pack ammo, we rewarded them with a cute photo booth with fun superhero props so they could all dress up as their favourite Marvel or DC characters for a day!

Our mascots were quite popular among students as well, with many requesting to pose with them!

Excited for a finance and accountancy career with ICAEW and ISCA! 

Our Marketing Director You Sheng, and Corporate Liaison Director, Hui Ting would like to give special thanks to our Annual Partner, ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales) as well as our Annual Sponsor ISCA (Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants) for their continuous support in every one of our events. Thanks guys! You guys are our superheroes too!

We also had our superhero interns from Kent Ridge Secondary School with us that day to learn more about university life. Hope to see you guys in NBS in a few years!

Hulk and Batman can’t wait to chomp on our Quaker chocolate bars and Nescafe lattes!

Clark Kent and Iron Man joins the battle!

Friendly relations between DC and Marvel…

Batman is all dressed up today!

Spot the odd one out…..


Spiderman swings by! 

Be the Captain of your day with Cornetto ice cream! 

The Focus is on everyone’s favourite superhero!
Bright smiles with Curel and Goh Yeow Seng to defeat any Wednesday blues!
Our international exchange students also came in to join the fun!
May they bring the word of our local brands worldwide!
Spiderman wants to join the Avengers too?
Cute boy with Home Soy!
Captain Batman (what?) wants a day job at PWC too!
Marigold is better than gold.
C for Cleo and A for finals!


All 1200 goodie bags were very quickly snapped up. While we estimated the event to end around 3-4pm, the items were such a hit that they were all gone by 1!


Brave heroes receiving their ammo!

Thank you NBS for your support! Hope you liked all the goodies!

Our student heroes also got to vote for which colour they wanted the limited edition NBS shirt, aka their superhero capes, to be in. There were 4 choices:

Which colour did you vote for?

It was a close fight between 2 of the choices. But we aren’t gonna let you know the results yet! Stay tuned for NBS Dayz, where the limited edition shirts will be up for sale! We are super excited too!

The chair people of this event, Corporate Liaison Director Joel, as well as Events Director Brenda, thank you all for coming down to refuel your tanks. Captain America would also like to remind you all to study hard after the back-up from our corporate allies. Go conquer that paper and save the day!

To see the full list of our corporate allies, come drop by our headquarters and check out this link.

For more photos of the event, and to spot you and your friends, head over to our Facebook page here.

This is NTU Accountancy & Business Club… signing out!


 The Avengers have assembled! …To take a quick break till our next mission. See you next at NBS Dodgeball Day!

Until then… we have to be in plain clothes so no one knows our secret identities. Shhhhh….