NBS Dodgeball Day 2015

The examinations are finally over!

Every semester, NBS kick-starts the start of a wonderful break with our only event off campus- aptly named the External Event (EE). External events have been, for the past years, been dragon boat races. This time round, we have decided to break EE tradition and debut our very first Dodgeball Day!

We hosted our very first dodgeball match at the Amped Trampoline Park, and received a great turn-out from students who wanted to celebrate the start of their winter break with us at ABC, by keeping fit.

Of course, safety is key! The friendly instructors at Amped briefed our students on the safety rules and regulations. With that, we are ready to ball!

Our students kept their eye on the grand prize (a hamper!) and fought real hard to stay in the game. Turns out that our NBS students are super athletic too! The dodgeball match tested everyone’s stamina, fitness, accuracy and strength- most fun workout ever!

Ready, set, GO!


The rules of the game are simple: stand back, wait for the whistle, grab the ball, and attack! Every match was as tense as the one before, and spectators were glued to the match, cheering friends on. It seems relatively simple, but wow was it difficult to play ball on a bouncy ground! Balancing on a soft trampoline ground was no easy task!

Look at how fit our NBS “models” look like! No wonder spectators couldn’t keep their eyes off the game! :P


Despite the stiff competition, students displayed exemplary sportsmanship, keeping by the rules of the game, and respecting their opponents.

There were 3 games in total, and 3 lucky teams walked away with our grand prizes. After many rounds of matches, the winners were revealed!

Congratulations to our 3 winners: Vortex OneDown, Hyugaball and Bowl! After such a gruelling match, it is no wonder every one is all smiles with that attractive hamper! We all also got free anti-slip socks from Amped. Can you spot them?


After the games, students also had a free and easy time at the trampoline park. They could dive into the sponge ball pit, and have free jumps around the venue. Bouncing around was so cathartic I think we just found a new way to de-stress!

With that, we jump-started (pun intended) our 6 weeks of winter break surrounded by close pals. Thank you, NBS, for making our very first dodgeball day so eventful and fun! We had wanted to inject novelty by breaking EE tradition for a one-off event, but seeing how successful Dodgeball Day was, I think we might have created a new NBS tradition!

See you in January 2016, folks!