Back to School 2017: ABC Post Office

Post-recess week blues? Fret not! Back to School 2017 is back with a punch this semester to motivate you on your journey towards finals!!

Since World Postage Day was around the corner, we thought why not we have our very own and so, presenting to you the Grand Opening of ABC Post Office!!!

In this event, students were able to jot down their well-wishes for their fellow hall friends on the postcards and have it delivered by ABC for free!!

Nothing beats receiving heartfelt messages from the ones whom matter right? We thought it would be extra meaningful and encouraging to receive postcards from your close ones in such an arduous period of the semester!! <333

Check out our very own post office, handcrafted by both the whole ABC team:

Look at them writing with much thought for their fellow friends! We even gave out complimentary NBS laptop stickers to be included in their letters!!

And look… another group of students writing chirpily! Their bashful smiles definitely showed that they could not wait for their friends to receive these postcards :-)

Even our previous President, Juden, came down to support our event!!

The actual fun begins after the writing of postcards! *drumrolls please*
Instead of the usual postage stamps, we thought it had be even exciting to incorporate wax sealing. It does gives off an ancient yet beautiful touch to the letters doesn’t it? :-P To make it more personal, students were given first-hand experience to seal it themselves. Not to worry, we exercised with caution under the supervision of the committee members!!
Even our own committee members participated in this event
And it was definitely a must to take a photo at this gorgeously done up photo booth or should I say, post office? ☼ Poor photographer waiting for them to get ready HAHA
Finally! Your friends will soon receive your handwritten messages :-)
And if you were thinking that our mailbox is fake, nope! Students could actually slot their postcards in hehe
Look at these beautiful ladies smiling so heartily at our post office ☼
Spread the love by writing to more than just one friend!!
More pretty babes taking photos at our post office!
Awwww, look at her charming smile whilst posting her card! We cannot wait for your friend to receive the card as much as you do :-)
We also took the opportunity to present the NBS Limited Edition Shirt Prize to one of our NBS T-Shirt Sales 2017 winner! Remember to keep a lookout during our events if you wish to win attractive prizes like him!!
And... the event was a success! Look at the amount of cards written by our fellow NBS students. In fact, there are actually more stored in the blue mailbox! (P.S. the cards look absolutely artistic! 1 point to all participants for their creativity.)

Of course, how can we forget to thank all the committee members of ABC who helped out during this event! Sadly, we were unable to snap a photo altogether but we hope this suffice :P

 Mostly, thank you to all NBS students who came down to participate in this simple yet heart-warming event. Pretty sure your friends are already beaming at the sight of your messages <3 

With that, ABC Post Office is now temporarily closed for operations!!!!!!

 Keep a lookout for our next event as we bring even more fun and delight to you <3

Signing off, Amberlyn