BTS 1: Train to Finals

School’s back! With NBS students rushing back to class after a refreshing recess week, ABC was ready to welcome everybody back to school with our bi-annual Back-to-School (BTS) event.

This year, we had a thrilling Train to Finals theme, combining the popular Train to Busan movie with our greatest nightmares… Finals!


Who’s that in the shadows?

The decorations at FAL were definitely eerie, with bloodied handprints and decapitated shadows lined up against the walls.

There decorations were not just kept within FAL, with handprints adorning the staircase leading up the S4-B1, did that catch your eyes too?



All aboard the train to finals, boarding begins at FAL Station


True to our theme, ABC went down the FAL distributing “train tickets” with inspirational messages at the back.

These tickets could then be used to redeem food and drink items such as Milo, Fruit Plus, Dissolving Mint Paper (Tip: Fresh breath keeps the zombies away) and many more!

These items served to rejuvenate our tired students and keep their energy levels up for the heavy studying session ahead! 


The tickets themselves were beautiful and many of us kept it as bookmarks and page markers. We hope that you like them as much as we did!

The road to GPA 5 is tough, but surely with a little help from ABC and food supplies everyone will make it! 

Our team also dressed up as train conductors, walking up and down the cabins to ensure everyone was properly fed and ready to conquer the upcoming term!


Our ever-ready train conductors here to make your journey a pleasant one!

Armed with milo tins, Nescafé, biscuits and sweets, nobody wanted the train to Finals to ever reach its destination! Some of our most popular items were the chocolates that reminded us of our childhood, and the coffee, to stay awake throughout the night! 

Even though this was a highly publicized event, preparation for the event was hard work. The props were placed all over FAL including the window panes on the outside, to capture the eyes of curious onlookers.

The props also extended down the S4-B2 stairs. Thank you everyone who worked hard to make this event possible!

ABC here to take over!

We hope all our students enjoyed BTS and feel ready to conquer the school term with vigour! Welcome Back to School and we hope to see you at our next ABC event!