NBS T-Shirt Sales

Life in NBS for every student is incomplete without an iconic NBS varsity t-shirt.

It’s soft, comfortable material and beautiful varsity stamp makes the shirt the ultimate option for those simply looking for a relaxed, go-to shirt or those who enjoy the envious glances of other NTU students.


NBS T-shirts is one of the most important events of any NBS students’ life!


Even though the official t-shirt sales started at 11am, true to the Singapore spirit, students were starting to queue as early as 10am.

Excited NBS students queueing for their shirts at 10am! 
Early bird beats the queue!

The team gave away 600 goodie bag packs to students and staff, and some of us even dressed as mascots to provide in-queue entertainment to our NBS schoolmates.

Our goodie bags being handed out by our friendly mascot!


Both the subcommittee and main comm members worked hard every step of the way to ensure that the queue ran smoothly. One team went down the line to let our eager students try on sample t-shirts to find the right size.

In-queue entertainment!


At 10.45am, our queue master began issuing the queue chips. Students in the queue were excited and pumped up, ready to purchase their varsity shirts!
Who are we? NBS Students! What do we want? Trendy clothes!
Our pretty mascots showing off their bright smiles!

At peak hours, the queue reached all the way up to coffee bean! Thank you NBS students for being so patient and understanding when waiting in line!


We should rest for a while…. Still a long way to go!


As more students packed into the queue, our ABC members were hard at work, packing t-shirts, scanning matric cards and giving out queue chips.
Stock levels kept constant with our super-efficient team!
Our varsity t-shirts were sold in maroon and navy blue. Which one do you prefer?


With the Grab & Go system, students filed in and out of the queue quickly. It also allowed them to pick out the sizes they wanted (some people took one XS, one XL…)! The efficient sales left everyone happy with their new grabs!

For our Instagram contest, we had the hashtag #NeverBuySureSad (NBS Shirt.. get it? :D)

Participants had to post a picture of themselves with their NBS shirts and stood a chance to win our very beautiful and exclusive limited edition NBS t-shirt!
Spot the animal!
Lets take a picture and stand a chance to win the Limited Edition shirt!


This year’s sales reached nearly 2000 shirts. We’re excited to see all of you in your new shirts on campus!


Nourishment for our hardworking team..

The event ended at 4pm and all our hardworking committee members were proud of a job well done and a successful event!


How many shirts do we want?


ABC would like to thank all NBS students and staff for their immense support in our merchandise sales! Your patience and understanding was really appreciated :’)



See you all at our next ABC event!!! :)