NBS T-shirt Sales Day 2017

NBS T-shirt is not only comfy, but also convenient! No idea what to wear to class? There is no need to waste your brain cells on dressing up, save it up for school, NBS shirt will do! :DDDDD

Theme of NBS T-shirt Sales Day 2017: Hawaii/Lepak


Here's a photo of the pre-event when our main-committee and sub-committee are setting up for the fun-filled event. It may look like just sticking papers, but trust me, we took a long time to put that up due to our OCD. A for effort!


One of our sub-committee member. She looks very excited for the event to start, doesn't she? :)

Yay to the start of event! Look at this insane queue. NBS students just NEED this shirt.


Well, and then we see, not only NBS students, even foreign students want our awesome shirt!! 


This is our emcee for the event, introducing Pin Jia! He can do some insane beat-boxing. Come join us at the next event and see him in the making :D


Wow! Can you believe this? The students are happy and enjoying themselves even when they are queuing. I've never seen people in a long queue so happy before. 


Oh... I think I know why they look so happy... That is because they are playing the game called "Face-the-Chip". So long as its not facing the book, all is good right? Lepak-ah Lepak-pak!


Our check-point! You need to get through our bouncer Brian in order to get the NBS shirt...


And here is the collection point! Look at that bright smile when he received the NBS shirt. But bro, you think award ceremony is it? HAHAH


Now, let's focus on the booth managers. After queuing for so long and passing throught the "bouncer" at the check-point, your smiles are like that of an angel's!


Here's the human cashier smiling as she collects money. But yea, that's me XD


Ohmy! FREE LIMITED EDITION NBS SHIRT!!! Who doesn't want it?


That's right. To win it, you need to take a photo at our booth XD


ABC loves NBS. I mean, all our students love NBS :)))


Okay. So you actually need to be creative with your pose and caption in order to win the Free Limited Edition shirt. Thanks for trying guys!! XD


But who says you can only take photo at the photo booth? Take anywhere you like as long as you are happy. Lepak-ah Lepak-pak! Okay I got to stop asking people to lepak.


More students playing the game as the queue goes on.


Of course.. there's a prize given for playing the game. A goodie bag! YAYYYYY


Finally, it's lunch time!! :D And our second emcee takes over the mic for some laughs HAHAHAHAHA


And here is our cute substitute photographer during lunch! But then who is the one who took her photo? Hmm... *smirks*


Just a normal NBS shirt and you're so happy. I can't imagine how bright your smile was when you won the Free Limited Edition shirt!! 


The queue finally slowed down after a hectic morning. Thank you guys for the milk tea :D


Finally, the event ended. Thank you our 2 co-chairs for putting so much effort into this event!! :D


Last but not least, thank you to all the main-committee, sub-committee and executive committee members for planning, preparing, setting, executing and cleaning up. All of you not only made this event a successful one, but also an enjoyable one! :)
(Not everyone is in the photo due to the rotation of shifts)


Hope you enjoyed this blog & stay tuned for the next event! :D


Blog done by: Pei Yi