September 23, 2015

NBS T-Shirt Sales 2015

 On the 23rd of September, we had our annual T-shirt sales day. Every year, the snaking queues of students waiting in line to get their iconic NBS shirt proves just how significant the shirt is to an NBS student. It gives us all a common identity, and most importantly, it is so comfortable!

Look at that! Many started queueing before the event even started! Thank you for your enthusiasm, NBS! 

 To make the wait more bearable for our students, our friendly ABC sub-committee members went down the line providing refreshments. We gave away more than 400 drinks to the early birds in line.

Say hi!

 Also, our sub-committee members went down the line to allow students to try on shirt sizes, so that they could better decide which size to buy, and to make their wait more productive.

Guess the most popular size?

Spot the difference….

In light of the recent haze, we also thoughtfully gave away masks to students waiting in line, as the queueing area was an open space.

Stay safe, NBS!

While the rest of NBS was busy waiting in line, excited about their new shirt, our hardworking ABC members were tucked away at a corner of S4-B2, busy preparing for the huge crowds coming in to get their shirts….

Our day started at 7am: transporting shirts, setting up of the venue, having a rehearsal… all to ensure that NBS gets their shirts fast!

Our Corporate Liaison Director, Joel, busy stacking neat piles of shirts….

We sold 2 colours that day: red and navy blue. Guess the more popular colour?

Time check: 10.45am. We are issuing out queue numbers to those in line, so everyone could buy their shirts in an orderly fashion. Everyone is looking excited that the wait is soon over!!

So many queue numbers to give out!

Thank you for being such patient campers!

Photogenic NBS students!

The countdown has started… 5…4…3…2.......1!!!

At 11am sharp, we started the sales officially. The line started moving, and very quickly too!

Take a look at our efficient Grab & Go system: grab a shirt (or 2), and make payment at the end of the line. Easy breezy lemon squeezy!


Our friendly and hilarious emcee for the day, Bobby, also made the mood livelier by cracking jokes, and interacting with students.

Full of laughs!

The queue moved quickly thanks to our Grab & Go system, and students managed to buy the shirts they wanted! Thanks to the efficient sales, our students went home happy and with new school uniforms.

We also had an event hashtag #NoBetterShirt, a pun on NBS. Students were encouraged to post a photo of themselves in their new shirt, and Instagram it. Winners walked away with a limited edition T-shirt that was not for sale!

<winner’s photo>

We sold close to 2,000 shirts that day of sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. Many went home happy and excited to wear their new shirts. We can’t wait to see NBS looking all red and blue too!

At 4pm, we closed shop and sold our last shirt. Everyone at ABC was so tired from our long day, but immensely happy that everything went on smoothly.

A group photo of some of the T-shirt sales day crew!


Once again, ABC thanks everyone for being so supportive of our merchandise sales, and for being ever so patient in the queue.

See you at our next ABC event!!!